a wish to the world.

hail and well met, fellow denizens of the net.

this is hymmnos, a place probably full of questionable things. i like to talk here about my opinions and whatnot on fandom things (anime/manga, books, jrpgs/wrpgs, etc.), shipping nonsense, and writing. basically, i am scooping out my brain matter and slapping it out in front of you so you can gawk at it.


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content warning.

  • please be 18+ to interact. hymmnos isn't nsfw, but it is adult.

  • i enjoy dark themes in fiction and in fandom (e.g. dead dove, whump).

  • i ship a variety of unhealthy dynamics, including incest, age gap, and abuse.


rachel and bam from tower of god touching hands and smiling with two hearts above them.

march 8, 2023. blog post.

february 11, 2023. slight addition to the links page, as well as a little reorganization of it.

february 6, 2023. slight css and image tweaks. new additions to the links section: layout & site templates and other webdev resources.

february 2, 2023. new blog post!

february 1, 2023. all new layout! hymmnos 2.0... some links and whatnot will be broken for a bit while i still migrate everything over.

jan. 14, 2023. blog post.

jan. 10, 2023. changed around the writing and links pages some! also added a changelog since the updates box was getting a bit full.

jan. 6, 2023. narutaru entry on the media page.

jan. 3, 2023. bajillion little things! my shiroumasa catalyst will stay linked on the homepage for now, though it has moved to the writing page, because i'm still taking a victory lap.

jan. 1, 2023. blog post. i'm going to aim to shift some stuff around and whatnot this week, so probably a million little updates when i get to it!

dec. 28, 2022. blog post.

dec. 18, 2022. blog post.

dec. 11, 2022. blog post.

dec. 6, 2022. a few slight changes, and my incredibly cursed...catalyst. idk what to call it. manifesto?